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About SimonCo Marketing


So, you’re wondering all about SimonCo? Well, SimonCo Marketing represents me, Simon Robinson, an experienced and passionate marketing professional.  I help clients to turn their business objectives into reality, enabling them to reach the next level in their business success story through marketing.

I offer my services nationally to organisations of all sizes, and I’m always happy to have a chat about your business and how we can improve your marketing. That’s what my clients love – I’m open, supportive, and good at what I do.


Throughout my career I’ve crossed paths with the good, the bad, and the lazy – missed deadlines, missed calls, and missed opportunities. Ultimately, that got me thinking – how many people are being left to the wolves? How many businesses and dreams are being abandoned because of poor results?

As a marketing professional I focused on becoming an expert in my field, studying contemporary best practice techniques to keep ahead of the competition, and ensuring success at every turn in the road. This allowed me to push campaigns further and further, ensuring the best return on investment available – something everyone deserves.

And that’s where SimonCo comes in. I believe everyone deserves high quality marketing from someone who cares about their success, and I’m here to provide it.


I’ve been on your side of the table, trying to drive a business forwards, and I know what you need. You’re an expert at what you do, you know what your clients want, and I know how you can deliver that message to them. SimonCo is a company you can trust to provide top-level marketing advice and services that have an impact. 

I make sure that the service I supply is based on your needs. I explain why and how it will benefit you and provide training on how to do it yourself if you want to. SimonCo marketing is here for you, to give you the best, and to help you succeed.

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About Me…

Simon Robinson LLB MA

Owner, Marketing Consultant

Hi! I’m Simon. I’d tell you all about my super cool interests, but I know you’re here to talk business. You’ve probably got questions like “is he good?”, “is he qualified?”, and “is he genuinely that attractive?”

Yes, yes, and yes. I have years’ of marketing experience at management level supported by a Masters Degree in Marketing & Management. I understand effective contemporary marketing techniques and how best to implement them for your organisation.

I’m all about you, your business, and getting you the results you need to reach that next level in business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

I care about the environment and make every effort to create a sustainable world for future generations.

Things I do

SimonCo operates on a paperless basis as much as possible. All paper that is used is 100% recycled and FSC certified. In an effort to reduce my carbon footprint I use energy efficient technology where available and offer e-meetings rather than physical ones where it is appropriate.

Reduced rates for ethical businesses

If you go above and beyond in providing a product or service that builds a better society then get in touch as I will offer you a reduced rate! Maybe you’ve developed a new and sustainable technology, or you only provide natural, organic and fairtrade products? Whether it’s big or small, if your business is based on an ethical or green objective then I’m happy to provide a discount and together we might make an even bigger and better change for the future.

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