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Do you want the expertise of an experienced marketing manager without committing to an additional employee? Perhaps you feel confident in performing your usual activity but require strategic guidance? Whatever the help you need, SimonCo’s got you covered. My marketing consultancy and management services are designed for those who want to outsource their top level marketing management for any reason, and with no commitment.

I believe everyone deserves high quality marketing from someone who cares about their success, and I’m here to provide it. SimonCo’s services consistently apply best practice, up to the minute marketing techniques that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Each of the services below can be taken on an ad hoc basis, or as part of one of my Marketing Packages. If you want something more or something different then get in touch and we can get you the help you need.

Have a read of the services below and if you find what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m always happy to talk things over. 

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Strategic Marketing Services

When it comes to marketing the best approach is a to take a long-term view. This leads to a sustainable competitive advantage and it’s what we call marketing strategy. The mistake a lot of companies make when it comes to marketing is putting short-term targets ahead of long-term goals; why is it a mistake? When you focus on short-term marketing you create leads and that’s great, but when you take a long-term approach you create a business that lasts and succeeds.

Marketing strategy is the process of integrating short-term lead generation campaigns and day-to-day activity with your long-term goals. By combining these forces you are able to generate the leads you need whilst building a sustainable future for you and your business. Think of it as your key to a successful, sustainable future.

SimonCo’s marketing strategy services involve reviewing all of your existing marketing activity and your business plan, helping you to integrate everything you’re doing into a well thought out and clear strategy which can help you to reach new heights. 

Prices start at £395


Brand Management Services

A brand is more than just a logo. Your brand is your purpose, your promise and how your target market perceives your business. Every point of contact you have with your target customer becomes part of your brand, from your storefront (whether physical or digital), your letterhead or receipts, all the way to your customer service, the way you reply to emails and answer the phone. Every time someone interacts with your business it affects how they perceive you and how likely they are to use you once, twice, or time and again.

Brand management is the process of managing every possible interaction you have with your target market so as to get you more customers, and more repeat business. The SimonCo brand management service begins by examining your target market (or defining it if you don’t have one), how you want to be perceived, and takes on the task of getting you to that place.

Prices start at £395


Event Management Services

Everyone wants their big event to go off without a hitch. You want attendees, coverage, and for everyone to have an amazing time. Most of all, you want to keep doing what you do best, which is where I come in. With my experience in event management we’ll get you everything you want whilst saving you time. By examining your business, your target audience, what you want the event to achieve, as well as organising, promoting, and launching your event, I’ll be there every step of the way.

Prices start at £200


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Marketing Consultant Packages

Ready to take the leap towards the next level of business success? Either contact me using the form below about the service you’re interested in or head on over to the Marketing Consultant Packages to find information on the levels and pricing available as well as bundles which can save you money!

My marketing consultant packages are designed to provide the best selection of services to match your budget, they offer a complete and transparent view of what marketing services I will provide to you. Just click the button below and head to my digital marketing packages page where you can see what’s on offer!

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