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Marketing Consultant Packages

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Marketing Consultant Packages

SimonCo’s Marketing Consultant Packages provide you with strategic excellence for your future planning. Using best practice strategic tools and analysis we’ll have you working to realistic objectives that secure the future of your business in no time.

By formalising your marketing plan you’ll benefit from greater organisation, less marketing wastage, and better investment from your marketing resources. You’ll start to understand what works and where your business is really coming from. The confidence you attain from having such a clear vision for your company can also have a big impact on how you, your employees, your suppliers, and your customers view the business. You’ll see improved morale, greater buy-in, and better return on investment over time thanks to your focus and planning.

Top level marketing consultancy

With my experience and qualifications in marketing and management we’ll get to the heart of your issues and help to drive your company towards success. By spending the time examining your existing strategy, activity, and business structure you’ll start to see what makes sense for you and create real results. I believe everyone deserves high quality marketing from someone who cares about their success, and I’m here to provide it.

How do I use them?

The below packages are designed to provide you with expert marketing insights and to establish where you are and where you need to improve. Following your choice of package you are free to action the findings and recommendations yourself, with periodic check-ins from me, or with my assistance throughout the whole process.



Focus on the future and set yourself up for success with on of the Marketing Consultant Packages below!

Bronze Marketing Consultant Package

The bronze marketing consultant package provides you with a clear vision for the future. By working together we’ll align your marketing activity with your business goals and create a clear map of what you need to be doing.

In addition, I’ll perform a review of your existing marketing processes and explore what’s working and what’s not. 


Full marketing strategy workshop for key stakeholders where we explore your marketing activity, your business goals, and how to align them

Marketing processes review and recommendations

Lead management review and recommendations

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Silver Marketing Consultant Package

With the silver marketing consultant package you get more than just the strategy, you get the confidence that a clear and concise brand provides.

In addition to the entire bronze package, this includes:

Full brand workshop for key stakeholders where we explore your target market, your brand vision, and how to bridge the gap

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Gold Marketing Consultant Package

The gold marketing consultant package goes a step further than the others by providing you with formalised documentation and recommendations based on your activity within the workshops. I’ll reassess and develop our findings even further with consideration for your marketing processes and how best to utilise your resources.

Attain vision, consistency, and success with the help of a strategic marketing professional.

In addition to the silver package this includes:

Fully formalised marketing strategy created from your workshop activity and delivered in a clear digital document to guide your marketing activity and decision making

Formalised brand guidelines based on existing imagery and workshop activities, delivered in a clear digital document to guide your message development and marketing collateral

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Everyone’s needs are different. If the Marketing Consultant Package isn’t your cup of tea then contact me and we can talk on the phone or by email about what you need and how I can help!

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